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All About Hypnosis as Stop Smoking Therapy

Of the many different stop smoking therapies; hypnosis is one of the oldest and most popular. Hypnosis has been used as therapy for smokers who want to quit for many years now. However, most people are still a little wary of the process and are also, not quite familiar with all it constitutes. Here’s more on how it can help.

Hypnosis is still to be recognized as a very legitimate way to help smoking cessation. However; its effectiveness cannot be doubted by anyone who has undergone the therapy. So, if you’ve tried all other methods of smoking cessation and failed; hypnosis could be the answer to your prayers.

Stop smoking hypnosis therapy, requires the patient to attend several sittings, during which the hypnotherapist will guide the patient with relaxation exercises. This is turn will lead to an extensive state of consciousness, where the patient is more open to suggestions. The therapist will use this state to provide suggestion on smoking cessation. The process may include either echoing phrases or reading statements that have been specifically prepared for such a session. These suggestions; eventually become a part of the patient’s psyche; and also makes it less likely for him or her to indulge in smoking.

Many of the stop smoking hypnosis therapies focus on using relaxation rather than suggestion to eliminate tobacco dependency. This is based on the idea that relaxation can help the patient deal with the stresses of smoking withdrawal better. Many patients also turn to cigarettes when they are under pressure or are irritable. Thus, being sufficiently relaxed can help them forgo the habit as well.

Most therapists agree that hypnosis works best for smokers, when it’s used with other smoking cessation aids. Nicotine replacement therapy products such as stop smoking gums or patches can produce powerful results, when coupled with hypnosis. Herbal products may also be used along with hypnosis to prevent people from giving into the temptation of smoking.

So, no matter what you feel about hypnotherapy for smoking; the only way to judge its effectiveness is to try it by yourself. And if you’ve already tried other smoking cessation methods without results, it makes even more sense to try hypnotherapy to help you with the same.


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